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Contemplation Themes

Sheikh Abdul Aziz periodically collates themes for contemplation, which come from a variety of sources including the writings of Hazreti Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and other Sufi masters, as well as the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Qur’an. They are a focus for reflection and a source of inspiration and both spiritual and practical nourishment.


Current contemplation themes

The themes below are collated from gatherings of the Sufi Circle.

Sufi Circle 16 February 2016

The ritual prayer is five times daily, but the guide for lovers is the Verse, (they who are) in prayer continually.
The wine-headache that is in those heads is not relieved by five times nor by five hundred thousand.
“Visit once a week” is not the ration for lovers; the soul of the sincere (lovers) has an intense craving to drink.
“Visit once a week” is not the ration for those fishes, since they feel no spiritual joy without the Sea.
Notwithstanding the crop-sickness of the fishes, the water of this Sea, which is a tremendous place, is but a single draught (too little to satisfy them).
To the lover one moment of separation is as a year; to him a whole year’s uninterrupted union is a fleeting fancy.
Love craves to drink and seeks the one who craves to drink: this Love and that lover are at each other’s heels, like Day and Night.

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.2669-2675

In the lover’s heart is naught but the beloved: there is nothing to separate and divide them.
These two bells are on one camel: how, then, in regard to these two should the injunction, “Visit once a week,” be admissible?
Did any one ever pay recurring visits to himself? Was any one ever a companion to himself at regular intervals?
That of which I speak is not the sort of oneness that reason apprehends: the apprehension of this oneness depends on a man’s dying to self.

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.2680-2683