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Contemplation Themes

Sheikh Abdul Aziz periodically collates themes for contemplation, which come from a variety of sources including the writings of Hazreti Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and other Sufi masters, as well as the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Qur’an. They are a focus for reflection and a source of inspiration and both spiritual and practical nourishment.


Current contemplation themes

The themes below are collated from gatherings of the Sufi Circle.

Sufi Circle 13 September 2016

The lover who has fallen passionately in love with an earthly object of affection has gone into the ‘chest’*, though in appearance he is outside.
He has wasted his life in the chest on account of worldly cares: he can see nothing of the world except a chest.
The head that is not raised above the sky – know that it is confined in that chest by its vain desires.
When such a one goes forth from the chest of the body, he will only go from one tomb to another tomb.
*referring to the story of the Cadi tricked into hiding in a chest

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.4496-4499


O Lord, appoint a spiritually endowed company to redeem us from the chest of the body!
Who but the prophets and pirs can redeem the people from confinement in the chest of guile?
Among thousands there is only one person of comely aspect, who knows that he is inside the chest.
He must formerly have beheld the spiritual world, so that by means of that contrary, this contrary should be made evident to him.

Mathnawi Book 6, v.4503-4506

Veil the faults of others in order that the like veiling may be vouchsafed to you: do not deride any one till you see yourself in security.
Many like you have been left in this chest and have landed themselves in tribulation.
Inflict upon another only the pain and injury that you would wish and approve for yourself,
For God is lying in wait and in ambush, ready to give retribution before the Day of Judgement.
All-encompassing is the Throne of Him who is throned in grandeur: over all souls is spread the Throne of Justice.
A corner of His throne is touching you: beware, do not move a hand to act impiously or unjustly.
Keep a careful watch over your own behaviour: observe that the honey is in justice and that after injustice comes the sting.

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.4526-4532


O you that finds wickedness agreeable, you are always in the chest: the hatifs (voices from Heaven) and those who belong to the Unseen are redeeming you.

Mathnawi Book 6, v.4537


Sufi Circle 6 September 2016

O sincere man, a single atom of the light of mystic knowledge within you is better than a hundred announcers.
To confine one’s attention to the announcer is a mark of being debarred from access to real knowledge and of being pre-occupied with conjecture and mere opinion.
He whose scout is his inward eye – his eye will behold with the very acme of clairvoyance.
His soul is not content with traditional authority: nay, his feeling of absolute certainty comes from the inward eye.

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.4403-4406

He is a Sufi: he has flung away his mantle in ecstasy: how should he turn again to his mantle?

Mathnawi Book 6, v.4415

Love is worth a hundred mantles like that of the body, which contains a life and sensation and reason;
Especially the mantle of worldly dominion, which is cut short and scanty: a few cents of intoxication with it results in a headache.
Worldly dominion is lawful only to those who indulge the body: We lovers are devoted to the everlasting kingdom of Love.

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.4419-4421


These parables have no limit: do not seek more words (of this kind): go and acquire capability!

Mathnawi Book 6, v.4436