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Forthcoming Activities

Getting Involved

If you are interested in learning more, participating in our activities, or joining our group, then there are a number of ongoing activities which can provide that additional contact and participation.  It is essentially through attending activities on a regular basis that individuals begin to relate to the Sheikh and the Mevlevi Sufi tradition, as taught by the Sheikh here in Melbourne, Australia.

On Tuesday nights, Sheikh Abdul Aziz conducts regular meetings of the Sufi Circle reading, studying and discussing Rumi's Sufi masterwork The Mathnawi.  It is on these nights also that the Sheikh is pleased to teach the turning movement for the Sema (whirling) ceremony.

We hold regular Sema ceremonies twice a month on Fridays.  Although these ceremonies are usually private, it is possible for those who have attended some of our other activities to attend.  We also very occasionally hold Sema ceremonies in public, such as around December 17th which is a special night for Mevlevis.

Other activities we hold regularly are public Sufi Music Meditation, private dhikr Allah (remembrance of God) and music, and sohbet (association) with the Sheikh.

Activities Open to Guests

Regular public activities comprise:

  • The Sufi Way
  • Sufi Themes
  • Sufi Music Meditation

The Sufi Way introductory evenings are offered as the simplest approach for those wishing to learn more about Sufism or to connect with Mevlevi Australia and Sheikh Abdul Aziz’s teaching.

At Sufi Themes, Sheikh Abdul Aziz offers insight into a particular aspect of Sufism.  His talk is followed by training in the Mevlevi whirling movement.

Sufi Music Meditation provides an opportunity to listen to sacred meditation music and to participate with Sheikh Abdul Aziz in silent meditation.

Please email us if you need any further information about attending these activities and deepening your spiritual experience of the Sufi path to Reality, or visit the Activities Diary for the date, time and venue details.

Past Sufi Themes

  • Piety: A Sufi Perspective
  • Sufi Presence
  • Sufi Reality
  • Lessons from Rumi
  • The Path to the Light
  • Better than a Donkey Prayer
  • Pilgrim of the Heart
  • Stillness at the Centre
  • Centred on the Divine
  • Circles of Remembrance
  • Origins of the Whirling Dervishes
  • Sufism and Rumi
  • Sufi Expansion of Consciousness
  • Inner Peace in the Sufi Tradition
  • Turning in the Circle of Love
  • In the Footsteps of the Masters
  • Rumi, Shams and the Fire of Love