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Contemplation Themes

Sheikh Abdul Aziz periodically collates themes for contemplation, which come from a variety of sources including the writings of Hazreti Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and other Sufi masters, as well as the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Qur’an. They are a focus for reflection and a source of inspiration and both spiritual and practical nourishment.


Current contemplation themes

The themes below are collated from gatherings of the Sufi Circle.

Sufi Circle 6 December 2016

When a man taps a new pot with his hand at the time when he is buying it, he detects the cracked one by its sound.
One of the three brothers said to the cadi, “I know a man at once by his speech: and if he does not speak, I know him within three days.”
The second said, “I know him if he speaks, and if he does not speak, I engage him in conversation.”
The cadi said, “But if has already heard of this stratagem of yours, he will close his lips and take refuge in silence.”
………….He (the cadi) said, “Suppose the worthy man is not induced to speak by your stratagem and has already perceived the trick,
Tell me truly, how can you know his hidden nature?” He replied, “I sit before him in silence
And make patience a ladder to climb upwards: patience is the key to success.
And if in his presence there should gush from my heart a speech beyond this realm of joy and sorrow,
I know that he has sent it to me from the depths of a soul illumined like Canopus rising in Yemen.
The speech in my heart comes from that auspicious quarter, for there is a window between heart and heart.”

Mathnawi Book 6, vv.4899-4902;4911-4916

Note: The above are the final lines of the 6 volume Mathnawi