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Concluding Prayer & Greetings

The ceremony ends with a recitation from the Holy Qur'an and a prayer by the Sheikh. The recitation often given includes the text with the words, ‘Wheresoever you turn, there is the Face of God’. When the heart of the dervish is expanded in Divine consciousness, then these words reflect the reality of the dervish's experience.

Finally, the Sheikh and the dervishes exchange greetings and all call out the sacred word ‘Hu’ (Thou). In the words of our spiritual guide, the Naqshbandi Sufi Master, Hadrat Grandsheikh Abdullah Sirr Dan al Jamal ,

‘We turn because our bodies turn but our minds become absolutely still in the stillness that is Hu, where we find peace in our Lord and refuge from the madness of the world of the ego. In this eternal peace we respond to the forces governing the Universe and merge in our hearts with them. When we can do this we relate to Him whose commands direct them. In this way we turn for Him, and as we turn we experience an ecstasy of knowing – a knowledge of the heart.’

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