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Sultan Veled Walk & Dhikr Allah

The next segment of the Sema is called the Devr-i Veled, the Sultan Veled Walk, named after Mevlana's son who was one of his spiritual successors and who added this to the ceremony.

In it, the dervishes bow to each other at the 'post', the red sheepskin throne of the Sheikh. When the dervishes bow, they are acknowledging in each other that spiritual breath of the Divine, which has been breathed into each one of us.

The Sufis say that each one of us is a drop in the Ocean of His unity and that drop is seeking to merge once again into the Ocean. This is a journey of expanding consciousness infused with ecstatic knowing and the peace of spiritual certainty.

After the Devr-i Veled, the dervishes kneel for a short recitation of dhikr Allah, traditional Sufi remembrance of God. The dervishes then stand and remove their black khirqas (cloaks), symbolising the dark grave of the self.

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