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Dhikr & Meditation

Dhikr Allah or remembrance of God is a Sufi meditation practice that takes a variety of forms. It can be individual or as part of a group; it can be audible or silent; it can be a phrase or a single word; it can be accompanied by instruments or using only the voice; it can be accompanied by movement or stillness.

The purpose of dhikr is to raise the participant’s consciousness. Its methods vary from the effect of auditory resonance on the central nervous system to the more subtle impact of concentration engendered by silent dhikr.

It is also subject to the barakat (literally meaning blessing, but also referring to the energy) of the guide or sheikh and the silsila or chain of spiritual transmission from which it emanates, which enhances its impact.

Specific dhikr exercises may be prescribed for a particular individual or they may be used as a broader group practice.

Sheikhs often adopt a particular personal dhikr that is used by his or her pupils as a constant remembrance practice each and every day. Sheikh Abdul Aziz of the Mevlevi Order of Australia adopts the simple repetition, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah …’